What Do We Do Anyway?

Our capabilities are vast and customizable to our clients, it is nearly impossible to communicate it to you in this one dinky paragraph of text, but we’ll try anyway.

In a nutshell, our teams of trainers, educators , and consultants assist clients in resolving issues, improving systems, long and short range strategic planning/implementation, management problem-solving, marketing, market research, measurable outcomes surveys, operational analysis and improvements, organizational restructuring, outcomes and performance measures, quality improvement, professional staff recruitment, regulatory compliance, revenue cycle management, and employees.

Did you make it through this paragraph? We are impressed. If you skipped the paragraph and want an easier way learn more about us, Contact Us now.

Principles of our work – Solutions Custom-Fit to Your Needs

Our philosophy is focused on empowering our clients with the tools to reach success in operations, growth, and quality. GetYouThinking approaches every situation with an open mind and will fully understand your organizational goals.

We then “get thinking” and will develop a creative and custom tailored program that is designed to create results and solve problems.


Empowerment entails creating an environment that fosters growth.


We take pride with our ability to deliver services to our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the high quality of service and support.  We use resources to the full, waste nothing and do only what we can do best.


Freedom is the ability to spend your time and money as you see fit.


The key to success is quality- both in our relationships with others and with our product line.


As individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves.

Public health professionals at GetYouThinking, LLC track disease transmission and provide health promotion and education to break the chain of illness and disease.

Our team has been helping professionals from all industries to identify, respond, and perform safely in situations surrounding environmental health. Our team is able to cover everything from providing students a basic working knowledge to advanced high-level comprehension.

GetYouThinking, LLC provides a variety of occupational safety and accident prevention services. Our experienced instructors will lead  your employees to practical and engaging training that allows them to immediately put what they learned into action.

GetYouThinking, LLC Emergency Management (EM) staff prepare both responders and the public for the consequences of these events.